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Title : Bad Medicine ~Infectious Teacher~ vol 4
Character: Kashu Remu
Seiyuu : Kakihara Tetsuya
Label : Rejet
                                                I was helped by the awesome kurokosworth-san to proofread the translation
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Track 1

*door creaking* *laugh*

I’m waiting for you. Now, come here. Don’t be afraid. It’ll be okay. Come, come here.

Hm? Right. The owner of this voice is… Kashu-sensei~ I’m glad you can recognize me just by my voice.

Hm? Eh? What’s wrong? Come, come inside more. Right. Good girl. Are you surprised to find a room like this on the school’s underground floor? I know. This room is so dark. It’s so ominous, right? So, it’s a little bit frightening for you. And, and… and… *laugh* For me, this place is the best place I could ask! I’ve already waited for you long, Sa-cri-fice-chan! I caught you~

Welcome to the Remu’s Wonderland! Alright. I finished tying your hands. We finished one step for the experiment. *chuckle* You’re gasping. You still can’t guess what will happen to you? No good. You read your invitation, right? Right now, right here, I’m gonna punish you. You did something you shouldn’t, right? So…

Until I say it’s okay, you have no freedom. You will stay the way I want you to. Ah! Stop, stop! Wait, wait. That expression… is sooo good… Hmm… so good. Don’t be so scared. Good, good. Besides, it’s because you break the rule in the first place. I won’t allow you to say… that you don’t remember it.

Even though it’s already written in the school rules, you still brought your cellphone here, right? On top of that, you didn’t set it on silent mode. That’s really terrible~ And the worst of all, I caught you with my own eyes. *laugh* What a bad girl you are…

Well, as for me, because you broke the rule, I can spend my time with doing something I like, so, it’s a lucky happy~ Now… how should I punish you? Hmm… Eh? Why are you resisting? You’re not gonna admit your wrongdoing? Then, for today’s punishment, I’ll give special service; it’s gonna be sweeter than I usually do.

*laugh* If you want someone to help you, you can’t just be violent. You should scream out your lungs. There might be someone who hears you. Ah, right. Let’s just put our faith in luck. If there’s someone coming here to help you, I‘ll let you to get out of here. Your punishment will be annulled. Now, if you want God to help you, scream.

Hey, hey… with such a tiny voice, no one will hear it. Not good at all! You need scream desperately! Do your best! Do your best!
Fight! Fight! *laugh*

Right! That voice! A shrieking voice! Ah… let me hear it more! *laugh* Ah… so fun! My stomach hurts! *laugh* You’re the best! Quickly! Someone quickly help her! *laugh* no one in hell.

I’m sorry. No matter how loud you scream, there will be no one coming to help you. Only the chosen ones like me can enter this room. *laugh* It’s so unfortunate. Even though you scream until you tear your throat, it’s useless. Useless, useless, useless. So useless, you know. *chuckle*

Ah, is that your desperate face? Keep looking at me that way. Keep looking at me like you see nothing else. Hah… what splendid eyes, Sacrifice-chan~

Track 2

Hmm… I want to see those eyes. *chuckle* Yes! Those are the most prominent eyes. For your reward, I’ll give you this. It’s my most favorite thing in the world. You already know what it is, right? Yes~ sugar cubes! At that time, even though I kindly gave you them, you rejected them with a stupid reason. Really stupid. It wasn’t even funny. Not funny at all. Really lame. So today, I already prepared something more special. This is not just a sugar cube. Look at them carefully. Can you tell me what the difference is? Hey, can you tell me? If you don’t answer it right, things will get hard on you. *laugh*

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Hey, the time is ticking. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. *laugh* Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Hey, can you tell? Hmm… seems like you still couldn’t guess it. Geez… fine. I’ll tell the answer. This is something that Kakeru-kun gave me. Hm? Right, right. Kuzuha-sensei. It’s special, right? Well, the appearance isn’t different from the others. But this is a special thing for me. So, I’m thinking of sharing them with you. Well, I knew you wouldn’t know it, though. *laugh*

It’s so fun~ Eh! Because I’m playing around with you, the sugar is melting. My hands are all sticky. Ah, right. Then, can I smear you with this? You know, like a toast. Thank you! Then, I’ll smear you now.

Here goes! *smears your face with his sugary sticky hands while whistling* Girls like make-up, right? Think about it like this is make up. That thing called sugar-pack, isn’t it popular right now? Between salt and sugar, which one do you prefer? Jo~king. I’ll smear your whole face. Soon, you’ll be the cutest girl in the world. *humming*

It’s finished! You’re amazing!! You rea~lly look so delicious… Can I lick you? It’s fine, right? Of course you don’t mind, right? Right?

Then, I’ll dig in! *lick* Hm… you’re really delicious. I even think that you’ll be good enough to be displayed at the supermarket. Hey you, why don’t you stop being a human and become commodity goods instead? Ha… but, I want to be the only one who can taste you. Can I lick you once more? *lick*

But… well… I think it’ll be great if you taste a little bit salty too. So, please cry. Okay, cry now. What? You can’t cry? Then, why don’t you try to produce sweat? Eh? You can’t do that too? *lick* It can’t be helped.

By the way, aren’t you hungry? You’ll feel hungry soon, right? It’s okay. I’ll give you my su-gar-cu-bes. So, this time, eat as much as you want. Here. Open your mouth. Here. Aaaan…

Right. Eat them properly. Munch them all away~ I’ll give you another one, okay? Here. Once again. Aaaaaan… Hey, eat it. More. More. Here… here, here, here… *laugh*

Even though I put some effort to give them to you. But you’re still not eating them properly. What a naughty girl~ Should I shut that mouth of yours? Okay?

Oh my… You don’t want to? Hey, you don’t want to? Why? I don’t think it’s a bad idea. You might like it a lot. What do you want to do? Do you want to test it once? Do you want to experience it? Hey? Answer me right away. Whether it’s yes or no. If you can’t decide, then can I assume that you agree to it? Ehhh? I can’t? What a willful girl you are. But it’s okay. Since I have a big heart, I will forgive you.

*laugh* Don’t make such a relieve face. I should warn you, when I’m in the mood, I’ll definitely shut your mouth up. *laugh* Hah… you’re so fun. Why are you being violent? I’m not gonna do anything yet. I’ll stay as the gentle me. Can you tell? If you struggle so much, you’ll ended up tiring yourself. Or… do you like violence? Then, should I make you struggle more? Until you have no will to be more violent, should I make you feel pain?

Ah… I think something embarrassing would be good too. But, I think anything will do. Hm. As long as it’s fun, anything will do. Just imagining it… *laugh* Hey, do you know what I am fantasizing right now? I’m fantasizing that I pin you down, and mess you up. And then… you know… the you in my head right now… is so…

Hey… I’m still talking, you know. *chuckle* Are you angry? You’re angry? Today I could see many expressions from you.  I could hear many voices of you… It’s the most joyful day! My heart is throbbing so fast too. Ah... I know now. Your angry face makes me happy. My heart pounding. Pounding. Pounding.

It’s because, even if I cover the lies with laughter, my body’s reaction is so honest. Do you think there’s another thing you can trust? Hm? Ah, sorry. I got lost in thought. Sorry~

Ehh~~~? Your eyes are teary now. Weren’t you angry before? Why? Do you have many personalities? Ah, but, when I see your face like this, I begin to remember. There was one before, a girl who made an expression like you right now. I didn’t mean to cause any harm, but because I was having so much fun, I ended up going too far. I didn’t expect that things would end that way… I was regretting everything I’d done~~~!

Right. At that time, the special guidance class was about to be halted. But that’s not enough. I don’t want it. I don’t want to stop such fun activities like this… right? *laugh* So, I’ll be gentle to you. So… you better hold up and enjoy it with me too.

In the first place, it’s all of you who’re in fault. Because you are all breaking the rules. So, now now now… I wonder what I should do to you? Hey… you are so noisy. You want me to take it off? It can’t be helped. Geez… you should be grateful of my kindness… *taking off the handcuff* Here. I already took the handcuff off. Now, are you going to obey me?

Track 3

I wonder~ I wonder~ What should we do now? Well… Ummm…. Ah, right! This is it! I already picked it up. This~ medicine~.

Eh? You don’t remember this label? Look, look. Look at it carefully. *chuckle* The truth is, I wanted you to drink it in the infirmary. *chuckle* Hey~~ do you remember? Listen to me. I made this medicine myself. When it enters your body from your opened wound, you’ll feel ecstatic! Ah, beside that, it works really well for wounds. Hmm… I love this smell. *sniff* Haaaahh… If it’s okay, I want to yake this meds with me until I die. If I die, I want somebody to fill my coffin with this medicine like a formalin. *chuckle* What an amazing way to dead~ Don’t you think so too? No, I’ll make you think like that.

Does it sting your arm’s wound? Don’t worry. That pain is proof that you’re alive. I’ll give you more. More. More. I’ll give you much more. This is a disinfectant after all. Hey, how much does this hurt? How does it sting your wounds? Tell me. *laugh* The face and sound that you make from those wounds, all of them are beautiful. It’s the best and the most awesome thing I’ve seen in the world. *kiss*

The painful expression that’s reflecting off your face makes my heart throb so fast. In other words, currently I’m unbearably enjoying it and feeling happy about it. In order to make me happy, you have to feel the pain, even if I have to force you to. That’s it. Yes. That’s what I have to do! That’s it! That’s it! Sacrifice-chan, you understand it too, right? But I’m not satisfied yet. Humans are living creatures that always seek for their pleasures, right? Am I right? Am I? *medicine spills* *laugh* It’s so much fun I can’t stop myself.  *laugh*

Hah… Ah~ the medicine spilled on the floor. What a waste. Lick, lick, lick~~ it all until nothing’s left and be mine. Hm? What? Ah… you’re right. There’s some left in the bottle. Then, I better drink it all. *drink* Hah… thanks for the drink.

My body is starting to feel hot. It’s like my blood is set on fire. It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s so painful. Sacrifice-chan, my body is in pain. *heavy breath* It feels good. *laugh* It feels so good. *laugh* Right. There’s some left in your body right? Give it to me. *chuckle* I’m joking. I gave them to you, so you should keep it. It’s-for-you… I really want to experiment on you. I want to test so many things, I want to see everything about you…

Now, Sacrifice-chan, did the medicine work on you? Show me… your arm’s wound! Okay, okay. Don’t be violent; I’ll get angry. Hm, that’s good. Now, show me a little. Ah… you’re bleeding again. It’s because you’re so violent. Hey, does it hurt? But, the things that a human can feel is not just pain, right?

So, ta-da!!! This is my special medicine too. With this, your body will feel like it’s melting. You’ll feel good. Don’t you think it’s awesome? Of course, there’s no harm in the medicine, you can rest assured. When you’re starting to feel good, I wonder what kind of pleasure you’ll indulge to. I’m really curious. So, we can try it out, right?

Ah… what kind of voice will you let out? Are you gonna cry in pleasure? Or, are you gonna scream? Or… are you the type who wouldn’t let any voice out? I wonder which one are you… hah… which one…? I want to hear it all. Let me hear it all. Give me more of your voices. We have all the time in this world. It’s wonderful. *laugh* Ah, right. You know, I have so many medicines to test out. I already prepared so many of them. *laugh* For a bad girl like you… no, to know everything about an experimental subject like you, okay? *chuckle* Don’t be so afraid. For now, I’ll just show you things.

Right. For example… Here, look! *lit a fire* It’s a beautiful fire, don’t you think? Right. It’s really beautiful. There’s a little trick in this match. No matter how long it has been lit, the fire will not die. It’s amazing, right? The truth is, this match is a failed experiment. But I feel it’s a waste if I just disposed it like that, so I thought I might could use it for something. Suddenly it came to my mind. If I lit it up, I can easily reveal the secret of my experiment subject whenever and wherever I want. What do you think? Don’t you think it’s a nice idea? So, my lovely Sacrifice-chan, did you already prepare yourself? It’s okay. You just have to be excited to be like you’re gonna ride on a large ship. Okay? Let’s fire!

*laugh* Eh? Ehhh?? Hey, are you taking it seriously? How stupid. I would never do that. I already told you I just gonna show you things, right? You should remember that! Okay? If I’m really serious about it, I won’t do it with fire, but water. Right, right, right. Right. Water attack! Ah… just by imagining it, I ended wanting to do it for real. I can’t? Hey, I can’t do it even for a moment? I beg you! I can’t? Ha… are you taking it seriously too now? You’re really a scaredy cat, Sacrifice-chan. I can’t hold back. Really. *laugh*

Track 4

Hah… what should I do… what should I do…? It’s so fun. It’s been a long time since I had so much fun like this. If I don’t play with you carefully, I’ll spoil the fun. It’ll be boring. Should I report it to Kakeru-kun later too? Ah, but Special Guidance Classes should be held in secret. All the things happening here should not be revealed in public. I can trust you, can’t I? You won’t talk carelessly to other people, right?

*laugh* That face! Ah… so good… I should record it later. Hey, show me more. Let me carve it in my memory. *laugh* You have the ability to excite me. Hey, come here. Come. You’re a good girl. Sit in this chair. Geez… don’t be so slow, or I’ll be angry. *chuckle* Come here quickly.

What a good view. It feels like a real experiment. Now, I should start to do something different. Should we move on to the next step? Don’t worry. The actual experiment starts from here. Wait for a moment. *humbling*

You already know what it is, right? Don’t move. Okay? *laugh and humming* Alright! The preparation is now completed! And then… open your mouth. Show me your tongue. Just do as I tell you to. Something good will happen to you. Eh… why are you shutting up your mouth? You still don’t want to listen to what I say? You are such a disobedient girl. It’s an easy thing to do. Look, like this. *showing his tongue*  You just need to open your mouth. Okay? Hmmm… why can’t you do it? It’s not that hard, right? So, now, open your mouth first.

You can’t do it? Really? Why can’t you do it? Even though it’s such a simple thing to do. On top of that, me, your teacher, already asked you. I can’t understand it. I can’t! I can’t!! I just can’t!!! This can’t be happening! No way! This was supposed to be more fun. It’s boring. Deathly boring. I can’t bear it! Then right here, let’s hold a Remu’s reflection corner! Tada!

In the first place, this guidance is being held because you broke some rules, right? I can’t see that you’ve reflected your mistakes, not at all, do you understand that? Am I being too soft to you? Am I? I thought so. So, I think we should continue this guidance, right? Okay, reflection corner is over!

Alright, then let’s continue what we’ve been doing before. Now you can let your tongue out easily. Okay? Don’t cause me trouble more than this. An experimental object who defies me so much really pisses me off. *chuckle* You too would be pissed off if you’re being defied like a pebble tumbling on the surface, right? But your worth is sure more than a mere pebble. You’re crying, angry, laughing, and scared… You’re really amusing to watch.

Now, let’s stop our talk. I think it’s time for you to listen to what I tell you to. Isn’t it easy? Now, show me your tongue. Hey, show me. Quickly. Hey. Hey, hey, hey!! Right. That’s good. You’re a good girl. Keep your tongue out; Don’t draw it in.

Ah… what a beautiful tongue. Hm… It’s so enchanting. It’s so nice to touch too. What a healthy tongue. Let me touch its every nook and cranny, Sacrifice-chan. All of it. All of it. Stay like this forever. Don’t pull it in.
Hmm… good girl. I’m happy, Sacrifice-chan. Let’s  know each other more.

Track 5

Now in this place, let’s hold a fun quiz! What~ is this? There are 2 iron sticks. Look at it carefully. Can you guess what is it? *laugh* Come on~ think carefully~. *laugh* Alright! Time’s up. The correct answer is, a lovely tool called a tongue holder. Do you know about it? You know what, you know what, with these 2 iron stick, I will pinch your lovely tongue… What? It’s not a big deal at all. You’ll only have a little bit of a hard time speaking. Now, should we try it on you? Okay? It’s okay. It won’t hurt you. It’s not scary. Be brave.
*Remu-sensei attaches the tongue holder on you*

Right. It’s finished. Good. So good~ You look like a specimen, so beautiful. You’re exactly fit in my type. I might start to love you. *kiss* Hey, do you like being numbed? I see. You like it? Good! Ah… thanks God… Then with this…

Do you know, if I push this switch here, a shocking stream will come out of that tongue holder. You can’t tell what will happen? Then should I push the switch so you can understand it yourself? Eh… that eyes… do you want me to stop? Hey, you want me to stop? Are you so scared? Hey… hey, hey. Are you afraid? But you know, I really want to test this thing with you. I can’t help but really want to try it. How should I do… *laugh* Moreover, you should remember, why? Why why why things ended up this way? Did you forget already? Let’s remember it once again. Alright, Sacrifice-chan, can you tell…? You know it yourself, right? It’s because you were breaking some school’s rule! It’s because you have such an evil heart. Do you remember now? Do you understand now? Then… Good bye, Sacrifice-chan.

I’m joking~! It’s just a lie! Hey, how shocked were you? *laugh* It’s so fun. You sure have so many reaction. Hah… it makes me feel really good. Since I like you so much, I will tell you something. The real switch is… this one!

Eh? Why are you suddenly loosing your strength? You are not going to resist anymore? Eh~ it’s boring~~. Not long ago you were so full of energy. Tch… Fine. If you’re no longer resist, let me push the button. With this. Hm? What? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sacrifice-chan. Ah, well! Fine, fine. I’ll remove it from you. Wait a sec.
*Remu-sensei removed the tongue holder*

Alright. Calm yourself. Hey, take a deep breath. Hm? Ah… you want me to stop? I don’t understand… I enjoyed it so much. Why should I stop now? You still didn’t understand the thrill, eh? Once you experienced the electric shock, I’m sure you’ll get addicted to it. Speaking of which, do you understand? This is a punishment. Do you reflect on your wrongdoings? Do you want me to let you go after that? *laugh* So, let’s try it. It’s important to challenge yourself. *laugh*

Good! Hm! What a good voice. I love it. It’s a perfect voice. But I will give you lovely thing 120 out of 100 points. No, I even will give you 200 points. So… prepare yourself. Geez… you’re so noisy. Ah… Fine. If you said like that, let’s have a test on different place.

Let’s attached it here. Alright. Listen, you have to watch carefully the place where I will activate this tool. Then, let’s get started. Hey, why are your face is like about to cry? I don’t understand. Hm. I don’t understand at all. Things are going to be more fun. So your reaction is wrong! But, I have to say that the reaction is so like you. You’re quite extraordinary. Eventhough I said your reaction is wrong, but I unexpectedly like that. Ah! Is that means that I got strike by you? *chuckle* So good. Hm. It’s really good. Really good, Sacrifice-chan. I can’t bear it anymore. So I beg you. I beg you with all my life. Tell me more and more about you. Because I’m sure… this is what we call as love. *laugh*

Track 6

Hah… why does experiment is so much thrilling? *laugh* We tried, did, and understand so many things, right? Then, did you reflect on your wrongdoings already? No… you’re still not reflecting at all. Right? Hm. I’m sure of it.

It can’t be help. Yes, you’re a helpless girl. Since it can’t be helped, I need to punish you more. *laugh* Do you think I will let you go just by that? Do you think you can run away from me? Hey? You’re so naïve, Sacrifice-chan. Rather than a sugar block, you’re far more sweet[1]. No. No way. No way at all. Because you still didn’t reflect on your mistakes, right? Just because you are so scared then ended up saying sorry? I will not forgive you. Moreover, there are so many things I want to test on you. Let’s do it with love. *kiss*

*laugh* As my experiment’s material, do your best forever. You’re my important, important, mine only, Sacrifice-chan.

Translator’s Note
[1] “Amai” have two meanings. It could be naïve or sweet (taste).


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Mar. 31st, 2015 12:09 am (UTC)
Gosh >O< I hope there's romance in this game OTL I heard the game is short 5 to 10 hours long uwu
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